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WingManFX is 'locked on' to helping musicians get the most out of their tone with hands-free FX pedal adjustments!


DangerZone is our analog tremolo/phaser double pedal, jam packed with features that enable optimal real-time control & coloration flexibility..


Do YOU have what it takes?!

DangerZone Analog Tremolo/Phaser

DangerZone provides players with a modulation station that places wave control at your feet, enabling you to mix depths & shift from faster to slower speeds on the fly for both tremolo & phaser parameters. We made sound barrier-breaking modifications to the phaser that pushes new limits of tonal capabilities, & when coupled with square wave tremolo control a new type of effects pedal is created.


WingMan™ is a patented foot-controlled effects pedal knob that allows you to replace any factory knob and instantly gain real-time control over your effects parameters with your feet.

 Brand  New 'Color Guard'

NOW AVAILABLE in 8 different supersonic shades of color to power-pop your pedalboard!

WingMan 'Color Guard' Available In:

WingMan™ Foot Control Knob


  • Remove factory knob from effects pedal either by pulling off firmly or removing set-screw
  • Choose which insert fits your pedal by pushing it down onto knob shaft until it has a firm grip
  • Push Wing Knob down onto insert
  • Use your foot to move the wings left and right to control effects parameters hands-free
  • WingMan™ News:

    "Best in Show" WINNER!
    Best add-on / Accessory - 2017 Summer NAMM

    WingManfx posted a video to playlist DangerZone Analog Tremolo/Phaser Pedal DEMO VIDS.5 days ago
    It's Franken-#BackinBlack Friday @ WingManFX.com!!! Get a SPECIAL 20% OFF the #DangerZone analog tremolo/phaser pedal AND #WingMan foot-controlled 'Expression Knobs & check out this absurdly awesome version of #Frankenstein from our 'WingMan' Sean Williamson with help from his pals Matt Turner, Kris Crow, Aaron Gardner & Dylan Koch!

    Video Produced & Edited by Sean Williamson @ Subsidized Housing Records, Milwaukee, WI
    Guitarist: Sean Williamson - https://velocihamster.net
    Pickups: EMG Pickups 81TW/89X Active Humbucker
    Amp: Bogner Amplification Duende Head
    FX: Cusack Music Screamer Fuzz Germanium / MXR Dunlop MC404 Wah

    Bassist: Shane Thew
    Synth/Organ: Kris Crow - http://instagram.com/kris_crow
    Tenor Sax: Aaron Gardner - aarongardnerlessons@gmail.com
    Drums: Dylan Koch - http://instagram.com/kochdylan

    Full Video Library / Danger Zone Pedal Manual / Order Info: https://wingmanfx.com/dangerzone

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    This Friday!!! Use code #BackinBlack @ WingManFX.com & get 20% off ALL #WingMan Expression Knobs & our #DangerZone analog tremolo/phaser pedal!!! 🤘🏽🦃🤘🏽 Universal model will fit any & every #stompbox on your #pedalboard!

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