Danger Zone

Analog Tremolo/Phaser Pedal


The 'Danger Zone' was created to provide combineable analog tremolo and phaser FX with optimal control and coloration flexibility. This handbuilt dogfighter will inspire any musician on stage and in studio. Master different supersonic tonal combinations. Fire at will.

Product Description

DangerZone is an analog Phaser & Tremolo modulation station that places maximum wave control at your feet, enabling you to mix depths & shift rate speeds on the fly for both tremolo & phaser parameters independently. The Phaser side has sound barrier-breaking modifications to the rate parameter that pushes new limits of tonal capabilities, a second "Jet Wash" phase color, and also includes easter eggs such as ring modulation and a Mach II capability to propel the phase rate into another dimension. The Tremolo side has a square wave with supersonic rate speeds and depth control mix from 100% clean to 100% effect, so you can get total chop and stutter effects. Both effects have individual volume boost controls that double as visual rate status indicators, & stacking both phaser & tremolo creates a whole new type of effects pedal sound designed for maximum hands-free control!

  • Analog Circuits
  • TWO Phase Types
  • Includes TWO WingMan™ Foot Control Knobs
  • Rate & Depth Control for Each Effect
  • Mach II Boost

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