Introducing DangerZone 

DangerZone is a first of its kind mixable analog tremolo/phaser FX pedal packed with features that enable optimal control & coloration flexibility.


Do YOU have what it takes?!

DangerZone Analog Tremolo/Phaser

DangerZone is a pedal concept that we’ve been working on for a few years now. The goal was to provide players with a modulation machine that enabled them to have thorough controls over their sound waves in one central location, while including sound barrier-breaking modifications that would push new limits.


WingMan™ is a patented foot-controlled effects pedal knob that allows you to replace any factory knob and instantly gain real-time control over your effects parameters with your feet. Read more HERE!

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WingMan™ Foot Control Knob


  • Remove factory knob from effects pedal either by pulling off firmly or removing set-screw
  • Choose which insert fits your pedal by pushing it down onto knob shaft until it has a firm grip
  • Push Wing Knob down onto insert
  • Use your foot to move the wings left and right to control effects parameters hands-free
  • WingMan™ News:

    "Best in Show" WINNER!
    Best add-on / Accessory - 2017 Summer NAMM

    • The #DangerZone is here! 'One of These Days' you'll probably need a strong dose of combo tremolo/phaser 2 take your audience 2 outer space! Check out some chop tremolo & fierce phaser/overdrive combinations on #lapsteel guitar in Velocihamster's version of a #PinkFloyd classic! Get your's now @! Guitarist: Sean Williamson Amp: Bogner Amplification Atma…

    • Guten Tag! Thanx 2 Florians Bassunterricht 4 the great review of our very own Oknob! I bet he'd love 2 get into the brand new #WingMan or #DangerZone pedal too! 4 all your pedal upgrading needs! #WingManFX #Option Knob

      In dieser Vlog-Folge zeige ich dir ein RIESEN Effekte-Upgrade: Regle ALLE Einstellungen deiner Pedale während des Spielens mit dem OPTION KNOB!!! Hier kannst...

    • Thanx 2 @mad.maxxwell 4 flying #WingMan! 🤘🏼✈️🎸🥾 Mayb he’ll find a spot on that pedalboard 4 the brand new DangerZone analog trem/phaser as well! 4 more! #echorec #delay #fxpedals #catalinbread #pbass #dangerzonepedal


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